cake servings


Image Copyright
  • Fun Photo Cakes bears no responsibility for any infringement of copyright or trademark relating to images sent to us by customers.
Failure to Submit a Photo in Time
  • Where a customer requires a photo cake then fail to submit their photo during the time of ordering or via email, this will result in either a cake without a photo or alternatively a cake that features any one of Fun Photo Cakes' own substitute photos.
  • Orders should be placed online at least 3 days before the delivery date.
  • Under the terms of our cake services, payment must be made in full and in advance by credit card online.
  • We accept payment using PayPal or Western Union money transfer. Contact us if you would like to pay using Western Union money transfer.
  • We also accept cheque payments - all services rendered will be subsequent to cheque clearance.
  • Due to investment in materials and labour, once an order is placed, we do not offer refunds on cakes that are subsequently cancelled before pick-up or delivery.
  • Complaints are extremely rare and when they do occur, we require that you notify us within 2 hours following collection or delivery. Typically, corrections, repairs and other rectifications can be made on the same day.
  • On occasions, complaints may require further investigation and an immediate refund may not always be possible.
  • Cakes, or part of cakes, must be returned to us within two days to enable us to properly assess the nature of the complaint.
  • The maximum refund offered is equivalent to the value of the cake and delivery. We do not offer additional settlement.
Cake Inscription and Inscription Colour
  • Our cake services policy requires that cake inscriptions should not be obnoxious, sexist, racist or homophobic. We reserve the right to alter the inscription if it does not comply to our terms.
  • We reserve the right to alter the cake inscription colour if it does not complement with the background colour of the photo or the cake icing.