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Product Information

A) Edible Wafer Rice Paper

Our edible wafer rice papers come in A4 size. They are used to prepare 1.5 inch cupcake toppers, 7.5 inch cake toppers and A4 sized individual toppers.

1.) Our edible wafer rice papers are made from rice paper.
2.) Ingredients: Potato Starch, Water, Vegetable Oil.

1.) They are delivered in food grade grip seal bags. If kept in these bags, they will remain fresh for 6 - 12 months.
2.) The wafers should be kept within the grip seal bags and stored in a cool dry place.

1.) Cut out using dry scissors and place on your cupcakes or cake. For best results, place the toppers onto icing; can also be placed on buttercream.
2.) Ensure your icing is dry before placing a very small amount of water onto a brush or finger to fix the image down.
3.) Avoid using excessive water otherwise the moisture will make the topper shrink or tear as it absorbs water.
4.) Please note that rice paper is slightly transparent and this makes the image stand out better against lighter coloured backgrounds - the image stands out best on white backgrounds so when placed onto your white icing, the colours become stronger and more vibrant.

B) Icing Sheets

Our icing sheets come in A4 size. They are used to prepare 7.5 inch round, 7.5 inch square and A4 sized toppers.

1.) Ingredients: Starch, Maltodextrin, Glycerin, Sugar Stabilisers E460i & E414, Dextrose, Emulsifiers E435, E491, E471, Food Colour E171, Flavours, Preservative E202, Saccharin, Citric Acid.
2.) Thickness: 0.5 MM.
3.) GM Free.

1.) Shelf Life: 12 months (keep within the food grade grip seal bag provided.
2.) Store in a cool dry place.
3.) If dry and brittle, store in a refrigerator for a short time to add moisture to the sheet.

1.) Simply cut out the topper with a dry pair of scissors, peel off the icing from the backing sheet and apply it onto your cake. For best results, apply to white icing or marzipan, but can also be used with buttercream.
2.) You should first moisten the cake or mazipan before applying the icing.

About Fun Photo Cakes Bakery

Fun Photo Cakes is a leading UK cake manufacturer supplying personalised cakes, cupcakes and toppers throughout the UK. We have hundreds of personalised novelty cake themes to suit any occasion including birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, engagements and parties.

To facilitate easy packaging and enable nationwide deliveries, we offer a huge variety of themes using square shaped cakes and and flat topped cupcakes. Our decorators have over 20 years experience decorating wedding cakes, childrens cakes and christening cakes in addition to novelty cakes.

We provide free deliveries throughout the London postal area. For customers outside London, we deliver cakes using a fast, affordable and reliable professional courier service. We provide both modern themed cakes as well as traditional cakes and our wedding cakes can be made to match your colour scheme.

With hundreds of cake themes available, it is likely we already have the cake you are looking for so make sure you use the search feature on our site. Our decorators are highly creative and imaginative and can create ANY cake. So if you don't find the specific cake you are after, don't worry - contact us to discuss your requirements.